Tivim Pharmaceuticals is an established pharmaceutical formulations manufacturing firm and a part of NRB Group since 2015. Our facilities for production as well as testing are located in a pollution-free zone of Goa, with assured supply of high grade water, freedom from air or particulate pollution and round-the-clock electricity.

We have in place a highly skilled and experienced team of Pharmaceutical professionals to ensure quality and consistency in our products. In addition a trained work force and a team of maintenance professionals ensure trouble-free work and
continuous productivity.

Two recent business ventures that have put NRB Group on the global map are, setting up the NRB Pharma Zambia Ltd. thereby becoming the first Indian Conglomerate to establish their presence in Zambia and establishing 1930 VASCO, the first-of-its-kind mall as per international standards in the city of Vasco.

Our core strengths are in the fields of broad spectrum Antibacterial, Antiulcer & Haematinic Tablets, Mucolytic and Bronchodilator & appetite stimulant syrups. Besides this we are coming up with more range of products in Psychiatry, Cardiology & in elemental Calcium.

We have products in the form of liquid orals & tablets to cater to the requirement of the following medical specialties:
1) Physicians and General Practitioners.
2) Gynaecologists.
3) Surgeons.


(also fondly known as Nana Baab)

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