A leading business group in Goa, NRB has always stayed true to its core values of integrity and social responsibility. The flagship business of the company is production and export of iron ore. Today NRB Group has diversified its bussiness into hospitality chain-Palette Hotels, our manufacturing division-Bandekar Speciality Valves Corporation (BSVC), retail, wellness, fitness and entertainment business. In short our transparent business associations, professional employee relations and strong commitment to community welfare, make NRB a modern dynamic company with good old fashioned values.

The NRB Group also has expanded into the international markets and is the first Indian conglomerate to establish its presence in Zambia, with their NRB Pharma manufacturing unit.



Shri Narayan R. Bandekar or Nana Baab as he is fondly referred to, graduated from the prestigious Wadia College, Pune.

He started his career at the young age of 24 years, under the able guidance of his illustrious father Shri Rajaram N. S. Bandekar.

Guided by the astute vision and years of experience of the Group’s Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Narayan R. Bandekar, the NRB Group’s reputation has grown to such an extent that it is second to none, in Goa. The Group has diversified into areas of Iron Ore Extraction, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Events & Concepts, Retail & Wellness.

As a patron of Arts, Sports and various Socio-Cultural activities, Nana Baab’s philanthropy and support to the needy is legendary.

Plenty of accolades have come Nana Baab’s way, of which he cherishes, “The Best Social Worker of the State” award, which was bestowed on him in 2013, by the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Goa.

Nana Baab is known to walk-the-talk with time, resources and hands-on involvement and lives the many roles that life has offered him, with aplomb and panache.

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